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  1. About Us

         Energy Engineering College of Xiangtan University is one of the 20 faculties and teaching divisions under the direct administration of Xiangtan University. On 10 September, 2008, in the semi-centennial celebration of Xiangtan University, whose name was written by Comrade Mao Zedong with his direction “working hard to make a success of Xiangtan University? Energy Engineering College was newly established.
         There are 4 undergraduate degree programs in EEC, such as Mining Engineering, Surveying and Mapping, Electronic Information Science and Technology, and Safety Engineering. EEC also has national occupation skill appraisal institute, with the appraising qualification II of coal mine safety training, approved qualifications of mine production and appraising qualification of coal mine gas grade, appraising qualification of coal mine gas prevention and control ability, to carry out extensive social services, achieve better economic and social benefits.
         Now there are 76 full-time teachers, including 39 with senior titles; 4 doctors, 33 masters. In the latest 5 years, the staff of EEC have participated in 4 national scientific research projects, have chaired or participated in 4 provincial scientific research projects, 7 issues of provincial education department, 20 projects of university and lateral issues, 4 patents, 3 monographs, 31 papers published in CSCI, CSCD and core journals, among which 13 papers are indexed in SCI and EI.
         The institute also has 46 basic laboratories and specialized laboratories, and a library with a collection of more than 170,000 books and more than 390 periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages. EEC has set up its own campus internet system, computer center, training center, language rooms, and 11 multi-media rooms. There is an auditorium with 1, 300 seats, and a lecture hall with more than 280 seats. The student hostels are implemented in a way of apartment management.