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Surveying and Mapping

      Surveying and mapping engineering has been established for more than 20 years. It has a long history of running schools with rich experience in teaching. It focuses on the professional training to meet the economic and social development needs of high-quality, strong ability of mapping talents, strengthening the basic education, and broadening the range of professional knowledge in 21st Century. On the basis of higher education advantages of Xiangtan University in energy resources and coal industry, combining with our own professional characteristics, Surveying and Mapping emphasizes on engineering survey, taking the mine surveying into account, and put emphasis on teaching the professional courses as Land and Resource Planning, Digital Mapping in a Variety of Construction Projects, Precise Engineering Surveying, Deformation Monitoring, Measurement, Automation Land and Engineering Information System and Project Management, Mine Surveying, Mining Subsidence Monitoring and Reclamation. It pays attention to train practice education, independent working ability and innovation ability