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Electronic Information Science and Technology

       Electronic Information Science and Technology (in the field of mining electro-mechanics) cultures the senior engineering and technical talents with the knowledge of modern surveying and mapping technology like ground measurements, mine surveying, marine surveying, space measurement, photogrammetry and remote sensing and map compilation, be able to engage in the construction of basic surveying and mapping, mineral resources exploration and development of land resources survey and management, as well as maps and geographic information system design, implementation and management of the senior engineering and technical personnel.
      Main courses: Communication Theory, Principle of Automatic Control, Engineering Graphics, Hydraulic and Mining Machinery, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery, Mine Transport and Lifting Equipment, Fundamentals of Machine Design, Signals and Systems, Auto-detection Technology, Microcontroller Theory and Applications, Electrical and PLC control technology, Power Electronics Technology, Mine Fixed Equipment Control, Mine Power Supply Technology, and Motor and the Electric Drive.